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......I would just like to thank you for all your help and co-operation with the planning of our conservatory.....The whole project was a delight to build and we are totally thrilled with the end result.....

M Clark, Clacton.

Just a quick note to say the conservatory was of excellent quality and the installation went perfect with the help of the installation guide which was very easy to understand. Myself and the wife are very pleased with it, so would just like to thank you for your excellent service......

Malcolm M Birmingham

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Conservatory Quote Form Help and Advise
Numbers relate to conservatory quote request form help

Important! - Please use web browser arrow to return to your quote request if you are filling it in and use this guide.

1. Conservatory Range – K2 is an easy fit diy conservatory system with installation manuals and videos. Synseal is a more professional fitters type conservatory system  which requires more installation knowledge and time to install but in certain more complicated design requirements is more versatile.

2. Conservatory Style - We can supply all of our styles to fit most houses ,but what would suit yours ? - Lean To's are good for cheaper usable space per metre and can be upgraded to high raked sides for a more interesting modern or traditional look. Edwardians are good for more head room and practical useable space and are very popular. Double hipped edwardians are good for limited roof heights on bungalows etc.. Victorians are a more traditional look with less practical space compared to Edwardians unless you opt for the wide fronted Victorian at a slightly higher price. Gable Fronted are again a practical use of space at a slightly higher price than Edwardians but with more head room. Other more complex designs are not a problem such as p shapes etc

3. House type - It is important to be aware of what you can put onto your house without planning consent being required depending on its type - An any width conservatory with 3m maximum projection is possible on semis, terraced and link detached properties - An any width conservatory with 4m maximum projection is possible on a detached property. A conservatory projection of up to half the width of the property is possible to the side of the house. It is however important to check what area you are in and whether there are any restrictions locally with your local planning officer.>

- There are no restrictions to the width of your conservatory normally other than obsticals.

5. Projection away from your house - Restrictions to projection without planning are as indicated in 'housing type' recommendations.

6. Total height available - This is total height available for the conservatory including the roof on the house wall. Please leave at least 100mm below upstairs windows if possible for flashing, or for access if fixed below soffits on bungalows.

7. Conservatory glazed side not required - This is if the house is an L shape or U shape and does not require Lean To sides. If other pitched roof options are chosen then a box gutter will be required to the missing side or sides. A box gutter will be required to the rear as well if a double hipped option is chosen or hipped back Victorian or Gable conservatory etc.

8. Conservatory colour options - We have listed the standard options but we have others available at extra cost in both Synseal and K2 whether flat colours or woodgrain with colour such as the Synseal Artisan range.

9. Conservatory side panel type- Upvc panel options are available in various heights up to full height in plain or sculptured finish. The panel is a twin skin upvc with dense insulated core to provide rigidity.

10. Door type and quantity - We have listed the most popular options please add other requirements to the extra info section.

11. Top opening windows or fanlights - These are the most popular way to ventilate the conservatory whilst providing security. 2 is normally the minimum and 4 is better for larger conservatories. please ask for advise if you are not sure

12. Side opening windows - These are restricted to 700mm wide because of the weight so side panel sizes will often be narrower if these are used.

13. Polycarbonate roof options - 35mm has an improved u value ( better insulation ) compared to 25mm from 1.6 down to 1.2.

14. Glass roof options - please see relevant pages for u values and sun protection accessed on the left border.

15. Wall glazing type - Standard 28mm Double glazing has a u value of 2.8. Planibel A and Pilkington K is 1.7 so is an improvement of 65%. Argon reduces the u value by .2 so in combination with low E is an improvement of 87% ie 1.5u. Celsius Clear has a u value of 1 as well as very good heat reflection qualities and easy clean finish.

16. Obscured glass or Solid upvc panels - This is an option for when you are close to a neighbour or boundary fence and require privacy or will not have access to the glass for cleaning. Solid upvc panels are for where it is not possible to get access for cleaning. Obscured glass will require cleaning but does provide privacy.

17. Roof vents - A useful option in sunny aspects for creating more air flow and cooling the conservatory. Usually used in conjunction with fan lights and lower opening windows for maximum effect.

18. Additional doors - please add any matching doors required as part of the conservatory order - this saves money and is at a better price.

19. Conventional base- Please indicate what type of base you require if you prefer a conventional base and walls or alternatively if you are providing your own.

20. Steel base options - Please indicate what type of base and walls you require. Scottish properties with conservatory bases more than 8 sqm require a Durabase Plus or Instabuild plus to comply with building warrant requirements for insulation.

21. Dwarf wall height - All sizes up to full height are available in brick courses of 75mm at a time ie 150mm , 225mm , 300mm etc

22. Ground conditions - Steel bases can be constructed to whatever height you require above the ground, such as over hanging a raised patio where heights vary, if the ground slopes towards or away from the conservatory, or if the step out from the house is higher than standard.

23. Full height walls required - If you require privacy or require something more substantial than upvc panels or obscured glass, then full height modular walls are available for part of the side or all of the side.

24. 3/4 Walls required - If you require more privacy as well as more light then this is a better option than full walls. It is also possible to have obscured glass to the small windows if required.

25. Relevant useful information - If you have any obstructions, manholes, soil pipes or anything that will require alterations to the base or conservatory, please add information here. If there is a a stepped rear wall or chimney please also add information.- Required for sending your design and quote

27. Name - Required for correspondence and to add to your quote

- Required as it helps us to discuss any changes we may need to make to your design or specification to provide an accurate quotation quickly.

29. House and street - not essential but helps

30. Postcode> - Essential for calculating delivery costs for your base and conservatory.